Future Business Leaders of America

South Dakota FBLA State Executive Budget Meeting

March 7, 2005, 12:00 p.m.

Holy Trinity School, Huron, SD


1.                  Call to Order, President Kindal Konechne

2.                  Pledge of Allegiance, East River Vice President Cody Braun

3.                  FBLA Pledge, East River Vice President Cody Braun

4.                  Roll Call of State Officers, Secretary Holly Borgheiinck

5.                  Roll Call of Local Chapters, Secretary Holly Borgheiinck

6.                  Introduction of State Executive Committee, Reporter Beth Feist

7.                  Introduction of Board of Directors, East River Vice President Cody Braun

8.                  Parliamentary Procedure Insight, Parliamentarian Kelli Hammer

9.                  Reading and Approval of February Executive Board Meeting Minutes, Secretary Holly Borgheiinck

10.             Treasurers Report, Treasurer Jordan Makela

11.             Membership Report, Treasurer Jordan Makela

12.             Legislative Shadow Day Report, Historian Wendi Falor

13.             Standing Committee Reports

A.    State Newsletter Report, Reporter Beth Feist

B.     State Scrapbook Report, Historian Wendi Falor

C.    Web page Report, East River Vice President Cody Braun

D.    Running for National Office, Secretary Holly Borgheiinck

E.     March of Dimes Report, Treasurer Jordan Makela

F.     Join Hands Day Report, Reporter Beth Feist


14. Special Committees Report

A. Board of Directors, President Kindal Konechne

B.     State Slide Show Report, Historian Wendi Falor


15. Unfinished Business

A.    2005 State Spring Leadership Conference

1.      April 10-12, 2005

2.      Pierre, Ramkota Convention Center

3.      Sam Glenn, Artist

4.      Multimedia & DJ

5.      Post Opening Session Entertainment

6.      Decorations/Theme

7.      Workshops

8.      Exhibit Booths

9.      Awards Ceremony

10. State Officer Candidates

11. National Officer Attending

12. Registration Fee

13. Dress Code

14. Other


B.     2005 National Leadership Conference

a.      Orlando, FL

b.      June 24-27, 2005

c.      Estimated Cost

d.      Deadlines


C.     2005 State Fall Leadership Conference

a.      Watertown, SD

b.      Date

c.      Speaker


D.    2005 National Fall Leadership Conference

Pittsburgh, PA- November 4-5

Greensboro, NC- November 4-5

Kansas City, MO- November 11-12

Salt Lake City, UT- November 18-19


E.     2006 State Leadership Conference

a.      Pierre Ramkota

b.      April, 9-11, 2006

c.      Hypnotist


16. New Business

A.    2005-2006 State Budget, Treasurer Jordan Makela

B.     Other


17. Other

18. Announcements

19. Adjournment, President Kindal Konechne