Future Business Leaders of America

South Dakota FBLA State Executive Board Meeting

October 25, 2006, 10:00 a.m.

Campus of Southeast Technical Institute


1.      Call to Order, President Dana Waldner


2.      Opening Ceremonies

A.    Pledges

                                                              i.      North Vice President Molly Mack, Pledge of Allegiance

                                                            ii.      South Vice President Nichole Benton, FBLA Pledge

B.     Introduction of State Executive Committee, Reporter Jacque Wendell

C.     Introduction of Board of Directors, Historian Victoria Luke


3.      Roll Call of State Officers, Secretary Hannah Wickard


4.      Roll Call of Local Chapters, Secretary Hannah Wickard


5.      Parliamentary Insight, Parliamentarian Morgan Andenas


6.      Reading and Approval of September 27, 2006 Board Meeting, Secretary Hannah Wickard


7.      State Officer Reports

A.    Treasurer’s Report, Treasurer Steven Larson

B.     2006 Mini OLI Report, Parlimentarian Morgan Andenas

C.     2006 State Program of Work, President Dana Waldner

D.    State Historian Report, Historian Victoria Luke

E.     State Reporter Report, Reporter Jacque Wendell


8.      Standing Committee Reports

A.    Web Page Report, North Vice President Molly Mack

B.     March of Dimes Report, South Vice President Nichole Benton


9.      Unfinished Business

A.    2006 National Fall Leadership Conference, Denver, CO

                                                              i.      November 3-4

                                                            ii.      Other

B.     2007 State Spring Leadership Conference, Pierre, SD

                                                              i.      April 15-17, 2006

                                                            ii.      Ramkota Inn

                                                          iii.      Speaker

1.      Kelly Barnes

2.      Hypnotist

                                                          iv.      Chant competitions

                                                            v.      T-shirts – Secretary Hannah Wickard

                                                          vi.      Other

C.     2007 National Leadership Conference, Chicago, IL

                                                              i.      June 29 - July 2, 2007

                                                            ii.      Other

D.    Scholarships

E.     Other


10.  New Business

A.    Other


11.  Announcements-

A.    Room changes

B.     Nametags

C.     Tour

D.    Next meeting

12.  Adjournment, President Dana Waldner