Future Business Leaders of America

South Dakota FBLA State Executive Board Meeting

July 24, 2003, 3:15-4:15

Officer Leadership Institute, Madison, SD


  1. Call to Order, President Abby Kroupa


  1. Pledges

A.     West River Vice President Cierra Lindquist, Flag Pledge

B.     East River Vice President Beth Ebert, FBLA Pledge


  1. Roll Call of State Officers, Secretary Amanda Henke


  1. Roll Call of Local Chapters, Secretary Amanda Henke


  1. Introduction of State Executive Committee, Reporter Kindal Konechne


  1. Reading and Approval of SLC, Secretary Amanda Henke


  1. Treasurers Report, Treasurer Andrea Honermann


  1. State Newsletter Report, Reporter Kindal Konechne


  1. State Scrapbook Report, Parliamentarian Rachelle McGruder


  1. Webpage Report, East River Vice President Beth Ebert


  1. Membership Recruitment Report, West River Vice President Cierra Lindquist


  1. March of Dimes Report, Treasurer Andrea Honermann


  1. Parliamentary Insight, Parliamentarian Rachelle McGruder


  1. Standing Committee Reports


A. Adopt a Chapter


  1. Special Committee Reports


A.     Board of Directors, President Abby Kroupa

B.     State Slide Show, Reporter Kindal Konechne


  1. Unfinished Business


  1. New Business


A.     State Fall Leadership Conference, Madison, SD

1.      Keynote Speaker

2.      Presenters

3.      PBL


B.     National Fall Leadership Conference, Baltimore, MD

1.      Room Rates at Baltimore Marriot Waterfront Hotel

2.      Registration Fee

3.      Air Fare


C.     Tentative Meeting Dates

1.      September Executive Board Meeting at Mitchell, September 15, 2003

2.      State Fall Leadership Conference at Madison, October 20, 2003

3.      National Fall Leadership Conference at Baltimore, MD, November 21-22, 2003

4.      Shadow Day at Pierre, February 9&10, 2004

5.      Budget Meeting at Mitchell, March 8, 2004

6.      State Leadership Conference at Sioux Falls, Sheraton, April 3-4, 2004


  1. Other


  1. Announcements


  1. Adjournment, President Abby Kroupa