South Dakota Future Business Leaders of America

South Dakota FBLA State Executive Board Meeting

October 15, 2001

Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown SD


The South Dakota FBLA State Executive Board met at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown on October 15, 2001.


President Jennifer Vollmert called the meeting to order at 9:35 am.  She greeted and welcomed all the members and advisors present.  She then introduced the State Officer Team.


East River Vice President Stacey Somsen led the FBLA pledges and Creed, and the Pledge of Allegiance.


Secretary Talese Aucoin took roll call of the local chapter members and advisors, as well as the state officers.  All state officers, 202 members and 20 advisors were present at the meeting.  (See attached roll call sheet for details.)


Reporter Dakota Bixler introduced the State Executive Committee.  President Jennifer Vollmert, State Advisor Dan Hoff, East River Vice President Stacey Somsen, Advisor Cheryl Ulman, Secretary Talese Aucoin, Advisor Deb Esser, Treasurer Shauna Peterson, Advisor Gary Gangle, Reporter Dakota Bixler, Historian Julia Luke, Advisor Doris Ann Chmela, Parliamentarian Kayla Hofhenke, Advisor Carol Stobbs, State Chairperson Steve Rounds, and State Testing Director Lynette Molstad were all in attendance at the meeting.


Secretary Aucoin moved to dispense of the reading of the minutes, as they had been sent out to all the chapters.  Motion seconded.  Motion carried.  Secretary Aucoin also made a correction to the minutes.  Minutes stand as approved as corrected.


Parliamentarian Kayla Hofhenke reminded attendees of proper voting procedure.


Treasurer Shauna Peterson gave the Treasurer’s Report.  (Attached to minutes.)  The current balance is $1,197.48. 


President Vollmert gave the State Board of Directors report.  (Attached to minutes.)


Reporter Dakota Bixler gave a report on the State Newsletter.  (Attached to minutes.)


Vice President Stacey Somsen gave a report on Adopt-a-chapter.  (Attached to minutes.)


Historian Julia Like gave a report on the NFLC, to be held in Kansas City, MO, November 2-3.  (Attached to minutes.)


There was no unfinished business.


There was no new business.


The state officer team gave reports on the Program of Work.  Treasurer Peterson did a report on state officer candidates, VP Somsen – State Website, Parliamentarian Hofhenke – chapter communications, President Vollmert – Board of Directors, Secretary Aucoin – March of Dimes, Reporter Bixler – Tourette’s Syndrome, Historian Luke – Reading Literacy.  (All reports are attached.)


There was an announcement by President Vollmert about the lunch breaks and Mr. Hoff asked everyone to sign in at their workshops.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:59 am.



By Stacey Somsen


The state officers this year have decided to use the program adopt-a- chapter.  This is a way to stay in contact with all the local chapters.  All the officers have been assigned chapters; for example my chapters are Lead, Howard, and Todd County.  Our goal is to contact our chapters at least bi- monthly, and to inform them of any important information on things we have done, or on events coming up.  This program is also beneficial for the local chapters because they can contact us if they have any problems or questions.  Also, if it is feasible, then the state officers also decided that they would be willing to attend their local chapter's meetings.  This would have to be arranged by the local chapter, their assigned state officer, and the schools.  This is a 2-way program, and it can only be successful if we have cooperation from both the state officer team and the local chapter members










FBLA Goals

Chapter Communication

Parliamentarian, Kayla Hofhenke


A goal of this year's state executive team is to create better communication with the local chapters.  We want to encourage new membership among local chapters.  We plan to communicate by letter at lest bimonthly.  These letters will provide information about executive meetings, conferences, and the plans of the officer team.  If chapters would like to have an officer visit the officers will try to do this to their best ability.  The state officers picked chapters that they would communicate with.  The officers and their chapters are listed as follows: President Jennifer Vollmert: Sioux Falls Roosevelt, Canistota, Sioux Falls Washington, Dakota Valley, Sioux Falls Lincoln.  Vice-President Stacey Somsen: Lead-Deadwood, Todd County, Howard.  Secretary Talese Aucoin: Redfield, Northwestern, Ipswich, and Madison.  Treasurer Shauna Peterson: Sisseton, Leola, and Watertown.  Reporter Dakota Bixler: Pierre, Belle Fourche, Kadoka, and Chamberlain.  Historian Julia Luke: Kimball, Colman, Mitchell, and Parkston.  Parliamentarian Kayla Hofhenke: Wessington, Huron, Highmore, Scotland.


National Fall Leadership Conference

Julia Luke


This year the National Fall Leadership Conference will be held in Kansas City, Missouri.  The dates of this convention run from November 2-3.  We will be taking a bus up to represent the state of South Dakota and will be leaving on Nov. 1.  Foreman Bus Company from Miller will be taking us.  They will pick people up starting in Miller at I 0-00 and makes its way to Kimball, Mitchell, Sioux Falls, and Sioux City.  We will not be saving any seats for anyone, as it is first come first serve.  You will have to pay for your seat on the bus, your registration, and also your room in the hotel.  There will be workshops that you are all expected to attend and on the last night a dance will be held.  After the dance we will change clothes and get on the bus and head back for South Dakota.  We feel it is best for your purposes to make it cheaper and to get you home fast.  As I recall from going last year, most people brought blankets and pillows to sleep on the way up and on the way back.  Please do not come to this meeting dressed inappropriately.  Business attire will be worn at this convention.




State Executive Committee

Dakota Bixler


President Jennifer Vollmert

State Adviser Dan Hoff


East River Vice-President, Stacey Somsen

adviser: Cheryl Ulmen


Secretary Talese Aucoin

adviser: Deb Esser


Treasurer Shauna Peterson

adviser: Gary Gangle


Reporter Dakota Bixler

adviser: Cheryl Ulmen


Historian Julia Luke

adviser: Doris Ann Chmela


Parliamentarian Kayla Hofhenke

adviser.: Carol Stobbs


State Chair: Steve Rounds


State Testing Director- Lynette Molstad

Goal #1

Increase Number of Candidates for State Officers

By Shauna Peterson


Our first goal as the State Officer team is to increase the number of candidates running for state officer.  Last year, there were a few offices that had only one candidate running in.  This year it is our goal to have at least two candidates in each office.  This will be attained through workshops and better communication to the chapters about running for a state office.  Ultimately, this should help to keep a high quality of officers by having more of a choice and more competition.




State Newsletter

Reporter Dakota Bixler


The first edition of the South Dakota state newsletter will come out later in this month of October- Letters were recently sent out to all the South Dakota local chapters asking for news articles, pictures, highlights, and ideas from their individual chapters.  Throughout the year, every single chapter should submit something to the newsletter.  I will be in touch frequently with-all the local reporters and will rely on them to represent their chapter.  I need help from all the FBLA members from around the state, because the more that you put into the newsletter, the better it is for everyone.



Tourette Syndrome Association


Tourette syndrome is a complex condition that arises during childhood or adolescence.  It is a rare disorder characterized by sudden, rapid, involuntary repetitive muscle movements and vocal outbursts, which are called tics.  Tics can include head jerking, facial twists, eye blinking, arm thrusting, kicking movements, and much more.  There is no known prevention.


FBLA-PBL has formed a partnership with the Tourette Syndrome Association.  FBLA seeks to promote awareness of this disorder.  Members can present educational programs to fellow students and their communities on how to recognize and deal with the symptoms.  FBLA participates in local community works and projects as well as service activities that help these people in need.  FBLA members can volunteer to raise funds and promote awareness about this syndrome.  To assist FBLA, the Tourette Syndrome Association provides literature, videos, and promotional ideas.


For more information please contact:

Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.

42-40 Bell Boulevard

Bayside, NY 1136i-2861

(718) 224-2999

Treasurer's Report

Submitted by: Shauna Peterson

Submitted on: October 14, 2001


Checking Account


Beginning Balance (September 24, 2001)                           $4,388.49


Deposits                                                           284.00


Checks issued                                                 567.47                                                


Current Balance                                                                       $4,105.02



Endowment Fund (as of September 21, 200 1)


Balance as of September 10, 2001                                                                $21,739.35


Money Market                                                 $10, 545.90



     5.45% (Maturity: Aug, 02)                       7,000.00

     5.2% (Maturity: Aug, 02)                                   3,000.00


Current Balance                                                                                               $20,545.90


Savings Account


Previous Balance                                                                                               $1,196.35                                                                                           

Interest                                                                         1.13


Current Balance                                                                                               $1,197.48













March of Dimes

By Talese Aucoin


            The March of Dimes is a nationally sponsored FBLA program.  SD FBLA helps the March of Dimes by doing activities with the March of Dimes and sending the money made from these programs to the March of Dimes.  The executive board has a March of Dimes representative, Julia Luke, who corresponds with a national representative.

            You can speak to Julia about the March of Dimes, I’m sure she will be happy to give you the necessary information.